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Rad & Raw

Rad & Raw


We've been having fun working with the most popular vegetable in Korea and Japan. After experimenting with different colors of daikons, we landed on several combinations that make a beautiful product. White seems to be the most available color, but mixing it with purple and red gives us fantastic shades of pink. No batch is exactly alike! Unexpectedly crunchy and slightly spicy, with hints of ginger and garlic, this one scored the highest in our taste testing of new products.    

  • Never the same veggie twice!

    Remember, each batch of our vegetables are lacto-fermented, and the process is impacted by many factors, including the particular bacteria on the veggies (which will vary from farm to farm and even row to row), bacteria in the environment as it ferments, and temperature and duration of the ferment. And of course, each vegetable is unique right off the farm; Mother Nature rarely repeats herself! 


  • Where to Buy

    Check out our growing list of local retail vendors or visit us at an upcoming farmer's market! 

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