"The Classic." Our original flavor is this unique turnip beet kvass tonic; loaded with probiotics, electrolytes and flavor to quench your thirst like nothing else! Lacto-fermented the old fashioned way. Try it after your next workout, or to get your digestion rolling before a meal.  Also makes a great salad dressing - just whisk 1 part Up Shots with 2 parts olive oil for a probiotic salad!  Approximately 8 servings per bottle.  


Never the same drink twice! Remember, each batch of our vegetables are lacto-fermented, and the process is impacted by many factors, including the particular bacteria on the veggies (which will vary from farm to farm and even row to row), bacteria in the environment as it ferments, and temperature and duration of the ferment.  And of course, each vegetable is unique right off the farm; Mother Nature rarely repeats herself! 

Up Shots - Turnip the Beet Flavor Kvass

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