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Funky Garlic Flavor Probiotic Pickle Juice

Funky Garlic Flavor Probiotic Pickle Juice


You asked for it! We bottled our pickle juice last summer by popular demand, and the response has been tremendous! Like all of our UpShots, this kvass is designed for your ultimate hydration.  This flavor is the brine of New York Deli Style Pickles.  It's typically consumed in shots after a workout, or as an afternoon slump pick-me-up.  We also recommend using like vinegar to make a probiotic salad dressing- one part of Up Shots to two parts of olive oil and you've got an easy, yummy salad dressing. 

  • Never the same drink twice!

    Remember, each batch of our vegetables are lacto-fermented, and the process is impacted by many factors, including the particular bacteria on the veggies (which will vary from farm to farm and even row to row), bacteria in the environment as it ferments, and temperature and duration of the ferment.  And of course, each vegetable is unique right off the farm; Mother Nature rarely repeats herself! 


  • Where to Buy

    Check out our growing list of local retail vendors or visit us at an upcoming farmer's market! 

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